1. About this document

This target market determination (TMD) seeks to provide an understanding of the class of consumers for which our products and services are provided having regard to the objectives, financial situation and needs of our target market.

This TMD should not be treated as a summary of the terms and conditions of our products and services and is not intended to provide financial advice. Consumers must refer to the relevant terms and conditions when deciding about our products and services.

This TMD applies to the Rent with Style payment plan referred to in the following Terms and Conditions: Rent with Style TMD Terms and Conditions

This TMD is effective from 1st March 2022

2. Class of consumers that is the Target Market

The information below is a summary of the overall class of consumers that is Rent with Style's Target Market based on the product key attributes and the objectives, financial situation and needs of the Target Market with respect to which Rent with Style as a product was designed for.

Rent with Style has been designed for consumers whose likely objectives, financial situation and needs (as listed below) are aligned with the product (including the key attributes). The class of consumers that Rent with Style is designed for is:

A consumer who for personal or financial reasons is unable or unwilling to acquire goods or services by paying for these goods or services in advance or before delivery and whose objectives are to acquire the use of goods or services supplied by Rent with Style by paying payments on weekly,fortnightly, monthly or other agreed periodic payment basis;

The goods or services being acquired are used predominantly for domestic household purposes;

The consumer is assessed and approved under the Rent with Style terms and conditions.

Rent with Style may also be used by the consumer, at their discretion, to purchase goods or services from other approved suppliers;

Product description and key attributes
Eligibility requirements and attributes of Rent with Style:

  • an Applicant must reside in Australia

  • be at least 18 years of age

  • have a consistent, ongoing and verifiable income

  • provide identification that is verifiable

  • meet Rent with Style’s responsible lending obligations

  • agree to the Rent with Style’s terms and conditions.

Additional Fee’s and Ownership
Additional fees and charges are limited to dishonouring a direct debit payment, duplicating documents, paper and/or statements sent via post and contract enforcement expenses.

If the consumer does not use Rent with Style, the consumer will not be charged. Security is taken over the acquired goods as ownership of the goods resides with Rent with Style and not with the consumer as prescribed by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth).

Objectives, financial situation, and needs
Rent with Style’s products and services have been designed for individual consumers who for personal and/or financial reasons are unable or unwilling to acquire goods and services by paying for them in full in advance or on delivery who:

  • need credit to obtain those goods and services;

  • have the objective to access goods and services now, in the future or when the value of future payments has reduced and pay by periodic payment over an agreed term;

  • are able to pay the instalment amount over their chosen periodical period based on the assessment of their financial situation that we complete, and the Applicant agrees with, to pay for their consumer lease.

Consistency between target market and the product
This product is likely to be consistent with the objectives, financial situation and needs of the class of consumer in the Target Market. This is based on an analysis of the key terms, features and attributes of the product and a finding that these are consistent with the identified class of consumers.

3. How this product is to be distributed

Distribution channels
Our products and services are designed to be distributed Online and/or through our contact call centre’

Distribution conditions
Rent with Style should only be provided to individuals that meet eligibility requirements, have the appropriate borrowing capacity, and in accordance with the credit criteria.

Adequacy of distribution conditions and restrictions
The distribution channels and the product attributes and terms and conditions will ensure that consumers who purchase through Rent with Style are the designated class of consumers for which it has been designed. This is based on an assessment of the distribution channels, product attributes and terms and conditions and restrictions and the assessment that they are appropriate and will assist the distribution being directed towards the target market.

4. Reviewing this TMD

We will review this TMD within 6 months of the Effective Date and then annually or as required.