Want To Know The Best Criteria For A Fridge?

Want To Know The Best Criteria For A Fridge?

Are you trying to find the best fridge for you and your family? As a fridge is one of the most important and expensive household appliances, let us RWS make that choice easy for you.

Have you noticed there is so many different types of fridges on the market these days? All the different sizes, colours to consider and the cost to run them too.

Let’s look at the options.

Recommended Size

We can start simple with this little guide in the recommended size guide for the size of your household.

Household Size Recommended Volume

1 – 2 people 220L – 380L

3 – 4 people 350L – 530L

5 or more 440L +

While we are on the subject of sizes, ask yourself will it fit in the place you would like your fridge to go. If your fridge is going into a cavity space make sure to measure so your shinny new appliance will fit in the space. Leave a bit of wiggle room for your fridge motor to breathe.


Different Design and Color

Fridges now come in a huge amount of different finishes and colours. Matching up with your home deco will help you pick out the perfect colour.

White is the cheapest and the easiest to clean. Stainless Stain brings a sleek professional look, but all fingerprints and marks are visible and requires often wiping to remove these. Stainless steel is generally the more expensive finish. Black is becoming a popular choice in fridge colour and similarly to white is easy to clean.

Ok so the most important decision is what type of rental fridge is best suited to you and your family. Let us go through the options with some pro and cons: Need a fridge – rent to own the most economic fridge

Top Mounted

The location of the fridge is on the bottom and freezer on the top. This is one of the most economical fridges. They are available in a variety sizes and colours. It is the cheapest fridge option for those on a budget and does not lack in the essentials needed in a fridge. It fits most cavity spaces. But as the fridge is on the bottom it can often be harder to access some items without having to bend down.

Bottom Mounted

This one is like the top mount fridge but reversed. So the fridge is located on the top and the freezer is on the bottom. It is the more stylish version of the top mount and has a lot of pros. Food in the fridge is usually at eye level and easily accessible.

The freezer usually has drawers instead of shelves which makes it easier for you to be organised and store more. Often the top mount rent to own fridge provides a lot of the modern extras, such as the spill safe shelves and specialist compartments. If you are looking at one of the larger 500L + then ensure it fits in the cavity space in your kitchen.

Want to update to a bottom mount fridge but don’t want to out lay a huge amount of cash? Take a look at the popular Bottom Mount 340lt fridge rental.

Perfect food storage – spacious fridge to rent

Side by Side

Do you want to rent a fridge where you do not have to bend down to access one of the compartments? Then here is your answer. This offers fridge space on one side down the full length and the freezer space on the other side, again full length.

Many of these type of fridges offer addition features such as ice and/or water dispensers. However, they average much higher in price compared to the top and bottom styled fridges. These may have the higher volume, but internal space is narrow in width. So larger items will not always fit. This style of fridge does not fit in most cavity spaces but is ideal for the open space option.

The side by side fridge is a great option if you are looking for a fridge for rent and need a lot of space. They come in the biggest sizes and are great for the larger family.

Huge range of rent to own fridges to choose from – call RWS

French Door

This is the newest version of fridge and the most expensive currently out at the moment. The setup of these do vary depended on brand and style. With the fridge on top but with two doors instead of just the one, similar to the bottom mount fridge.

On the bottom is the freezer sometimes doubled doored again or sometimes a large drawer or two large drawers. Great for large families and offer the most up to date technology, like the latest French Door 514lt fridge. But would need to be measured for cavity space as these fridges are larger than the top and bottom mounted versions.