The times are changing, whether we like it or not. Gone are the days when acquiring your pen license at school meant copying lines from the blackboard and enduring hand pains. These days' kids are tech aware, and schools are catching up!

Many schools now encourage or even demand that students bring their own gadgets to class. Rather than being a luxury item, they're becoming a need.

Many people are unable to afford to purchase computers outright. Particularly when all the accessories are taken into account, such as protective cases, printers, portable hard drives, antivirus software, and so on. That's why, with no deposit or delivery cost, renting important appliance products like laptops, tablets, or even other tech items at a low weekly price is an option that more and more people are turning toward! If you're unsure about your school's particular Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) rules for laptops and tablets, give them a call and speak with them personally.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of each product and to determine which is best for your child's needs.

When choosing a laptop or tablet, keep the following points in mind:


Check whether your school requires Windows or Mac technology, as well as whether all of the necessary programs (such as Microsoft Office, Adobe, and others) can be loaded on the computer you're considering renting. These days, Wi-Fi access is a must-have. Check to see if the laptop or tablet has Bluetooth and printer connectivity, as well as USB ports and a disc drive.


Battery life is clearly vital to consider if your child will be using the device all day in class, as they may not always have access to charging ports and will need the laptop or tablet to last as long as possible on a single charge.


What is the device's weight? Will your child be able to effortlessly carry it in their school backpack without putting additional strain on their backs or taking up all of the available space?


The requirement for storage space will grow as your child progresses through their school years. This must be addressed if numerous huge programs will be installed and additional space will be required for photographs and movies.



Tablets have a number of advantages over laptops, the most notable of which being their lower prices and lighter designs. They are significantly more portable than laptops, which may be fairly heavy and inconvenient to move.

Because of their portability, they are the greatest choice for on-the-go education such as trips. Tablets are ideal for primary school students and students in their first few of years of high school who don't have to type a lot.

Compatible wireless Bluetooth keyboards can normally be purchased separately and linked if needed, even if they don't come with one.

Tablets are also wonderful for app usage and may be used with a digital pen, making them an excellent alternative for artistic kids. Their battery life is also much greater than that of a laptop, so why not rent a tablet right now?



Laptops are bursting full of features that may make them the best choice for your child. They have larger screens than tablets and have built-in keyboards. This is essential for kids in high school who need to do a lot of typing, as this task can be very tedious when done with a touch screen.

Laptops blow tablets out of the water when it comes to processing power and hardware specifications. Programs can run side by side, allowing multitasking — an option not accessible on most tablets, and even if it is, the split displays are generally too small to be useful.

Another area where laptops typically outperform tablets is software compatibility; specialized apps like Adobe Photoshop require the processing power of a laptop to work efficiently.


Have you thought about buying something that combines the best of both worlds - a hybrid?

2-in-1 computers are a hybrid device that combines the finest characteristics of tablets and laptops into a single device.

If you require something more, we also provide rental bundle options, which include items such as a laptop and printer for printing assignments at home. Perhaps you require a larger monitor for your child's after-school homework? Why not have a look at our computer rentals for desktops? If your child saves their work on a portable hard drive, they can quickly move it from their portable device to a huge desktop screen.

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