Reason Why You Need A Home Office

Reason  Why You Need A Home Office


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Do you need an excuse to make those Pinterest home office ideas a reality? Working from home, on the other hand, isn't only a terrific way to turn your spare bedroom into a trendy workstation.

Whether you're a small business owner, a freelancer, or a full-time employee, it has a lot to offer.

You're not alone if you find yourself catching up on work at home. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about a third of all Australian workers work from home on a regular basis.

We look at the three primary advantages of having a home office and how this could help you as more and more Australians prefer to work in a dedicated place at home.

1. It has the potential to improve your quality of life.

Stay away from the everyday commute.

According to studies, the average Australian spends 4.4 hours each week traveling to and from work. Every year, about 9 days are spent commuting. There are many things we'd rather be doing with that time than sitting in traffic.

If you work for yourself or have the flexibility to work from home on occasion, take advantage of it. Eliminating your daily commute will save you time and money each week, as well as money spent on gas or public transportation. You save both time and money, so it's a win-win situation.

There will be more time to spend with the family.

Instead of pouring a thermos and dash for the door, you may spend mornings catching up on emails or transporting your kids to school with this more time on your hands. Consider how much you could do in the afternoon or early evening instead of looking at brake lights for what feels like (or actually is) hours.

Working from home allows you to set your own working hours to fit your schedule, allowing you to make better use of your time and finally make time in your day for all the crucial things you'd normally have to skip your lunch break for.

Flexibility for you, your family, and even your pets!

Trying to balance work and family life may be difficult at the best of times, but it's even more difficult when one of your troops is sick. Another fantastic benefit of working from home when you have a family (or a pet) is that you are always close by if they become ill.

When you have a home office, you already have everything you need to get to work while caring for an ill child or pet, and you won't feel as guilty as you would if you left a typical workplace to sit with them and watch SpongeBob.

Bonus tip: You may work in your pajamas (except for Skype sessions, of course!).

2. The financial advantages

Deductibles can be claimed at tax time.

You may be able to deduct expenses related to your home office, such as:

• Heating, cooling, and lighting are examples of operating costs.

• Computers, printers, and office furniture are examples of equipment.

• Phone calls and internet usage related to work

• Costs of cleaning

To be eligible for tax breaks, your home office must be a place where you work to earn money, not just a place where you pay your bills online or the kids complete their schoolwork.

Cut your overhead costs.

Renting an office space, purchasing office supplies (hello, coffee pods), and paying for utilities can quickly mount up.

Running your business from home saves you a lot of money in overhead costs, allowing you to lower your product or service prices and attract more

customers. You may keep your pricing the same and have a better bottom line, or you can lower them and have a healthier bottom line.

This provides you the flexibility to hire more workers or purchase new equipment, as well as work the hours that best suit your daily operations (and your budget).

Increase your output.

That's correct. People who work from home get more done, according to research. The study found a 13% increase in performance and a 13% rise in job satisfaction.

So, if you're scared that working from home will cause you to become sidetracked and complete less chores each day, don't panic. Working from home could be the key to boosting your productivity.

3. You can design a space that suits your needs.

Do you prefer to work in a dimly lit environment? When you listen to loud music, are you more productive? Do you fantasize about having a green office?

When you work from home, you can customize the area to fit your needs. There isn't a single cubicle or harsh neon light to be found!

Working from home provides you the freedom to design a location that you not only want to work in, but also want to be in (and let's be honest, decorating a home office is really fun too!).

Ideas for a home office

You are only limited by your ideas when it comes to creating your personal workstation. To get you started, here are some workplace furniture and décor ideas.

Wall cabinets for your home office are an excellent method to keep your equipment and files organized and out of the way.

A wacky office chair may add a splash of color and a lot of personality to modern office furniture.

A corner desk with shelves and drawers ensures that everything has a home. This sleek two-tone corner cabinet desk is one of our favorites.

Office storage furniture helps to keep a workspace organized and productive. For added organization, consider adding a buffet, sideboard, or credenza to your list of must-have office furniture.

Bookshelves at the office are useful for more than simply books and binders. They're also ideal for displaying personal items like photo frames and indoor plants.

Do you want to start setting up your home office? Our Office Packages include everything you'll need to operate comfortably and stylishly from home.

It's time to get down to business!