Best Washing Machine We Recommend

Best Washing Machine We Recommend


Have you recently relocated and require the rental of a washing machine? Looking for a better deal? Have you had a problem with your washing machine? Are you undecided about which type or size you require for your household?

Washing machines, like all other household equipment, come in a wide variety of styles. Each has its own set of features and promises to be the finest for your home's design. We can assist you in figuring it out.

To begin, decide whether you want a front loader, top loader, or washer-dryer combo. The answer will largely be determined by the amount of room available for your new washing machine. Do you have room in your home for a dryer (if needed) and will your new washing machine be installed under a bench, in an open space?

The three most common washing machines on the market are:


The door of these washers is located on the top of the machine. As a result, it's great for a large open area. There are two different types of top loaders. The Agitator and the Impeller

are two types of impellers. The Agitator moves the things around by using the central pole. The Impeller, on the other hand, employs a device at the machine's bottom to pump water up, which then pushes the garments around.

A top loader has the advantage of being less expensive to purchase, having faster wash cycles, and the ability to open in the middle of the cycle. This is useful when you need to add a stray sock or retrieve something that was accidentally left in the pockets.

Top loaders are also more dependable than front loaders, and they normally perform better when it comes to rinsing. Top-load washers are usually quieter than front-load washers.


The door of a front-loading washing machine is located at the front of the machine. They're perfect for a laundry room with benches or a tiny space. These use less water than the top loader and move the clothing around with an internal drum.

This type of washing has the advantage of being more energy efficient and water efficient, making it the most cost-effective washer to operate.

Another benefit is the spin cycle, which dries your clothing while being gentle on them. Front loaders also have a larger selection of cycle schedules and temperature settings.

Combo Washer and Dryer

So, this is a front-load washing machine with all of the advantages of a front-loader with the added benefit of being a dryer. It's a two-in-one machine!! You won't have to transfer your clothing from the washing to the dryer any longer, yay!

It's the ideal solution for individuals who don't have a lot of room. However, these washers are costly, take longer to dry than a standard dryer, and consume more water than any other washing machine on the market.

Dual load washers combine two washing machines into one. They're an auto-dosing washer that adds the exact amount of detergent required for each wash.

Compatibility of Sizes

Let's move on to make sure you're renting the correct size washing machine. One that will fit in the designated laundry space and is large enough for the members in your family.

This is significant because (1) it must be large enough to accommodate your current or expanding family. (2) It must be the proper size, neither too big or too little, or it will be inefficient. The 10kg top loader washing machine, for example, can handle up to 10kg of laundry. It's ideal for a large family! The 5kg front loader washing machine, on the other hand, is ideal for a tiny family.

The capacity of a washing machine is shown in kilos. This chart shows how much dry weight of garments, towels, and other goods they can wash. Check out this simple guide to help you choose the best option.

5 – 6 kg 7 – 8.5 kg 9kg +

1 – 2 people 3 – 4 people 5+ people

15 – 25 t-shirts 25 – 40 t-shirts 40+ t-shirts

4 – 6 towels 7 – 8 towels 9+ towels

1 single doona 1 double/queen doona 1 king size doona

Rating for energy efficiency

All rent-to-own washing machines have an energy rating label connected to them. This is represented by stars. The more stars the machine has, the more energy efficient it is. Keep in mind that this is based solely on machines of the same capacity. There's also a figure next to it that displays how many kilowatt hours it consumes over the course of a year.